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Elqui Domos is immersed in an atmosphere of sheer tranquility. Nestled between the towns of Pisco Elqui and Horcón, almost in front of the Pisco Distillery, Los Nichos, Elqui Domos looks to blend in with the colours and geography of our cordillera’s slopes. It finds itself beneath the clearest skies and the most spectacular nights of the Southern Hemisphere, allowing you to contemplate the starry skies above.

Pisco Elqui is a charming town found in the foothills at approximately 1280 metres above sea level. It is located in an arid valley, through which the river breathes life into the local vineyards, giving it a beautiful appearance. The small town of Horcón can be found 9 km from Pisco Elqui and is home to an interesting artisan fair, offering everything from paintings, woolen handicrafts, wood etc. to chocolates.

How to get there:

Elqui Domos is located 110 km from the centre of La Serena and 580 km from Santiago, on the “kilómetro 3,5” of fully paved, public roads between the towns of Pisco Elqui and Horcón.

Public Transport:

Regular public transport departs hourly from La Serena towards Pisco Elqui and passes 5 times per day to Elqui Domos. No taxis link Pisco Elqui with our hotel, but arrangements may be made with local people from the town or, alternatively to walk, it takes 45 minutes approximately.

To arrange a transfer to Elqui Domos:

Get in touch with our reservations team to coordinate the transfer service to our lodge.

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